After creating Inequalitrees for their own individual case studies and putting together an Inequaliforest, participants felt overwhelmed and exhausted. In response, the group decided to brainstorm daily impacts, structures/institutions, and root cause ideologies of climate solutions, creating an
“Equalitree” for a livable 2100 climate.



Why did we create an Equalitree?


Addressing feelings of helplessness, panic, and apathy

Sharing sources of inspiration in climate change and anti-racism

Creating strategy for generative interventions on the status quo



Facilitated during the exact middle session of the seminar, the Equalitree exercise was the turning point of Conversations. Until the Equalitree exercise, participants were working through the “Foundations” module, developing a common analysis of racialized climate issues of the present and the past. After the Equalitree, participants began work on the “Interventions” and “Visioning” modules, identifying ways to shift existing patterns towards a livable 2100 climate.

The Equalitree exercise was entirely initiated by participants of Conversations. Together, the group developed the theoretical framework of an Equalitree and decided how the exercise would be facilitated. The Equalitree then became a valuable point of reference at future sessions of Conversations.



Brainstorming the Equalitree

Below is a picture of the brainstorming done by participants of Conversations prior to developing the complete Equalitree.




Below is a picture of the physical Equalitree created by the Conversations group.